Black Sea and beyond - 3 days

Medieval castles, Sri Lankan-style tea-covered hills, monasteries sitting on the edge of the cliffs and spectacular valleys & mountainscapes where the sky meets the ground and you can almost touch the sky, this three day trip from Istanbul offers an escape where you can peacefully enjoy the local cuisine and nature to the fullest.


Leave the bustle of Istanbul behind and catch a morning flight to Trabzon, a charming port city found along the edge of the Black Sea’s far eastern shore and surrounded by lush green valleys and mountains. The city has been influenced over the centuries by the  Cimmerians, Medes, Greeks, Hellenes, Byzantines and more, leading to a spectacular blend of cultures. It is also the place where the last Byzantine Empire held out after the fall of Constantinople. After a walk in the streets, we will find our way to Boztepe for a nice view and then head to the second stop of the day; impressive Sumela Monastery, 1600 year old ancient Orthodox monastery located at a 1200 meters height on the steep cliff. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries on earth. 

Turkey is the the largest tea-consuming country in the world and the city of Rize, neighbouring Trabzon hosts some beautiful lush tea farms. So after a lunch in a traditional restaurant with mouth-watering local delicacies, we will visit one of these tea farms and then move to the little town of Camlihemsin where we will spend the night in our cosy hotel standing next to the Fırtına river.

The second day of your 3 day trip from Istanbul will start with an hour ride and then another hour hiking to the terrific glacial lake of Avusor. Located at 2750 meters and surrounded by the hills, the emerald green color of the lake will definitely amaze you. The lake is really cold but for the brave ones; it is definitely a unique experience to swim in a glacial lake.

After having an hour hike back to our car, we will first have our lunch at a local family’s home and then visit a beautiful waterfall, Palovit, in the middle of forests.  Our next stop will be a medieval castle, Zilkale, that sits at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Fırtına river. 

While the sun is ready to set, we will travel back to the mountains again because one of the nicest highlands in the country, Pokut, where the sky meets the ground and you can almost touch the sky, you can peacefully enjoy the local cuisine and nature to the fullest. 

Tonight we will have our dinner and spend the night in a locally run guesthouse which is a perfect blend of a comfortable homestay and a hotel, combining well-situated and authentic Turkish accommodation with modern conveniences.

After an early breakfast, we will start enjoying the nature. Pokut is prominent among Black Sea highlands with its misty sceneries & unique log houses and the plateau wrapped with pine forests stands out with its rich biodiversity as well as special architecture. We will take a hike to Sal Plateau through the forest and of course, taste some local delicacies which are prepared with the organic stuff produced within the plateu.

Leaving the highlands, you will take an extraordinary cable car journey among the clouds because this is the only way to reach the cosy cafe where you will have your drinks while watching the stunning view. This will be a great end in your three day trip from Istanbul to Black Sea region.

You will then be transferred to Trabzon airport for your flight back to Istanbul. If you require any assistance with onwards travel within Turkey, accommodation bookings, queries, please let us know and we will be happy to assist.

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This tour can be customized in detail according to your preference. You can request a different itinerary, adjust the number of nights, select different hotels and experiences, include or exclude the meals.

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